Chaudhary Industries is one of India’s leading manufacturers of RCC some of which include Humepipe, NP2, NP3, NP4 & Collars, Manhole Covers, Kerb Stone Cast Manhole Covers, Box Clberd, PCC Pole, Chequrs Tiles, Inter-Locking, Pavers etc.

At Chaudhary Industries, we thrive on making world class RCC products which are tuff and strong like no other.

All product sets are of uniform in shape & size since they are made using machines under the supervision of efficient workers. These products have high compressive strength, low water absorption, better thermal insulation, very low wear rate hence they are truly of a high quality. This also saves mortar, plaster, steel paint and labour cost.

The process of manufacturing these rugged, shapely and beautiful pieces of concrete moulding, involves a unique durability to the entire range of products with no compromise in their aesthetic beauty. The use of paving stones in limited only by your imagination. You name them and we give them.

The concrete Paving stone can be used for anything from industrial floors to patios, streets to sidewalks. It is easy to add intriguing design, texture and pattern to monotonous drives and walkway with the versatile paver shapes available. Different systems meet a multitude of high performance tasks & provide exciting design opportunities for landscape architectures.